Regardless of the topic, Marie is a fun and entertaining speaker. She has trained thousands of employees on diversity, equal employment, and other workplace topics such as communication and management skills. She weaves stories about life throughout her presentations to diverse groups such as the Girl Scouts, Juneteenth celebrators, corporate professionals, and civic organizations.

About Marie

Marie W. Watts is a former employment discrimination investigator and human resource consultant. Coauthor of Human Relations, 4th ed., her work has also been published in the Texas Bar Journal and the Houston Business Journal, as well as featured on Issues Today. Marie and her husband live on a ranch in central Texas. In her spare time, she supports a historic house, travels in her RV, and hangs out with her grandsons. Watts Professional Resume      Watts Media Kit

Frequently Requested Topics

Why Can't We All Get Along?
Explore the origins of biases and prejudices and how they interfere with our thoughts and actions even when we think we're not biased.
Thriving In A Diverse Environment
Discover the different linguistic styles and interactions as well as conversational rituals at play in today's society.
Proactive Personal Skills for Dealing with Biases and Prejudices
Learn proactive steps to deal with uncomfortable situations at work or in public.
More Topics


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