In appreciation of those who visit my website, I am thrilled to offer a little bonus of articles about the history of Fayette County, Texas. Of particular interest to me is the N. W. Faison family. You can learn more about the house at

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Today, we hear politicians decry that the federal government is killing the private enterprise of coal mining by imposing environmental regulations and supporting other forms of energy.  This is nothing new. The same scenario played out when, in 1935, the Rural...

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Prior to the end of the Civil War, the right to bear arms in Texas was absolute.  However, fear of armed freedmen brought the first legislation limiting the unrestrained possession of weapons.  In 1871, the Texas legislature passed "An Act to Regulate the Keeping and...

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African Americans Help Save La Grange

After emancipation the State of Texas began to pass Jim Crow laws (laws requiring racial segregation). The Lone Star state eventually passed 27 of these laws which were not repealed until 1964. Blacks were segregated in schools and when using public...

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Sam Houston Did Not Sleep Here

Today Sam Houston is a beloved and revered figure in Texas history. However, his relationship with the citizens of La Grange was a rocky one. Soon after his arrival in Texas in December, 1832, Houston began to exasperate area residents. Houston went to Gonzales to...

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