eclipse moon pie survival kitOur 2024 Texas-style eclipse party surpassed my expectations. Planned over a year ago, my husband and I, accompanied by my brother, his grandson, and son descended onto my girlfriend’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country. While we had 90% coverage projected in our neck of the woods, we wanted the full monty—and we found it near Wimberly.


Armed with eclipse glasses and important provisions (an assortment of alcoholic beverages), we left early Sunday morning because of the reports of expected horrendous traffic jams. Of course, none materialized. Moreover, about ten other people who were to have attended the party dropped like flies because of the dire predictions. That did not bother me, but the fact that overcast skies hindered our viewing pleasure did.

First, though, we did a bit of target practice. Armed with my pig gun (Kel-Tek SU16) as well as a .22 and .380 pistol, we fired away. Then the guys topped it off with a game of horseshoes. I declined as I was enjoying a pre-eclipse drink, rye and ginger ale in a tall glass filled with ice. Yum!

eclipse horseshoe gamepre eclipse target practice



Finally, after consuming large helpings of chips, dips, and leftover ribs laid out in the carport dining area, we settled into our lawn chairs in the pasture to catch a glimpse of the heavenly phenomenon.

eclipse choice of beer


The clouds were frustrating, but fortunately, they parted, allowing us to occasionally catch the progression. Just at the magic moment, the Gods blessed us, and the clouds parted! The dark sky was eerie, the wind stopped blowing, and, in a truly Texas manner, celebratory gunfire erupted from nearby ranches. However, we did not fire off any rounds. My friend’s husband bans drinking and shooting at the same time. Besides, when you shoot in the air, you have no idea where the bullet will land.

Then, as the moon moved off dead center, the clouds closed the curtain on the celestial event. No matter, though. One of my bucket list events has been crossed off the list.

The hamburgers were soon on the grill—time to eat again. The crew next door arrived just as the last of the cheeseburgers were removed from the flames. And chow down, we did. In the Lone Star State, burgers must have all the fixings: tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard, pickles, and jalapenos. No ketchup on burgers is the rule. My poor husband asked where the ketchup was (he grew up in Wisconsin), and my girlfriend and I looked at him. What? Ketchup? Whatever for? Neither of us was willing to go to the house to fetch it. We stood by chef recommendations that the red stuff ruins the taste. (Who knew?)

Then, came dessert time. Only then did I realize my screw-up. I had forgotten the most important thing—our moon pie eclipse survival kit. Curses! Foiled again. We had to settle for plain old cookies.


Seeing an event like the eclipse was super fun, but it made me realize that we should not wait for events such as this to get together with family and friends. Life is too short; stuff happens. So, in the future, I will not wait to celebrate something. Before Memorial Day I think I can squeeze in my husband’s birthday, my brother’s retirement party, and a party for my daughter and me completing the house we are flipping. Oh, and there is International Moment of Laughter Day (April 14), Cinco de Mayo (May 5), and International No Diet Day (May 6).

What days are you planning to celebrate?



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