bionic woman walkerI have joined the bionic woman population, having received a total knee replacement on October 11, 2023. I am not alone.  Approximately 790,000 total knee replacements are performed every year in the U.S. Who knew?


It’s been quite a ride. I blew my knee out after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and have been managing with acupuncture until this year. A visit to a specialist confirmed my right knee was bone on bone.

So, I bit the bullet and headed to the Bayou City’s Texas Orthopedic Hospital. What an amazing place! I’ve had numerous surgeries and can say that this was the most awesome experience ever.

The care team gave me a pamphlet about the surgery and then required me to watch a video regarding the procedure—pre-care requirements such as exercises and diet, bathing prior to surgery, etc. as well as day pre op–and post op–activities. Everything from bathing in anti-bacterial soap the night before and morning of surgery (no sleeping with a dog in the bed) to bringing a plastic trash bag to put on the car seat to allow you to swivel for your trip home was covered.

One of my daughter’s dear friends has been a nurse there for over ten years and was a momma bear! She appeared before I went into surgery, read my chart, popped up when I awakened post op, and showed up when they put me in a room. I was grateful, feeling like a queen.

Believe it or not, I was in by eight and out a little after five.  Yes, they sent me home the same day! I spent the night in Houston with my older daughter and then my younger daughter took me back to the ranch and nursed me.


I admit the two days after surgery were a bit rough. Physical therapy showed up the day after and put me to work immediately.  After warily eyeing the prescribed oxycodone, I reluctantly took a few, the pain was tough.  In short order I was able to drop to the lower powered narcotic and soon left that by the wayside.

Now I’m on Tylenol only.

The mental strength has been a while in coming. The week after the surgery I had no interest in reading, but I’m past that hurdle, ravenously scarfing up books such as The Sweetness of Water.

This blog is my first climb back into the writing saddle, but the plan is to take this slow, concentrating my efforts on physical rehab.


The experience is interesting. With both my husband and me on walkers, the house is congested, the two of us dueling for rights to passages too small to handle two assisted walking devices! When the day comes that both of us must depend on these apparatuses, the majority of the furniture in the house will have to find a new home.

My hope is that this is a long way off. For now, I’ll rejoice that I live in a time (and have the means) to be repaired.

And the joy of having good friends. My best friend from third grade arrived Sunday and left Friday, taking good care of the two of us, fixing meals and picking up after us. Frankly, I’m now spoiled.

I am truly blessed.

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