double egg yolk omensAugust has been a month of surprising omens within one week. Not only was the super blue moon present, but two eggs we cracked had double yolks.


Omens, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, are observed phenomenon that signify good and bad fortune. They are thought to have begun in ancient Mesopotamia, spreading throughout the world. 

My generation grew up with them:   

  • Knock on wood for good luck.
  • Wish on a star and your dreams will come true.
  • Breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover is lucky.
  • Bad news comes in threes.       
  • Don’t open an umbrella inside, it’s bad luck       
  • Finding a penny brings you luck.     
  • Beginner’s luck.       
  • Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes makes their heart continue to beat.   
  • Your wishbone wish is granted if you have the bigger half.

Remember these? Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. Don’t walk under a ladder.

Growing up in a scientific household, I don’t take these omens seriously…. Yet, with three in a week, I’m beginning to wonder whether there is some truth to them.


At the end of August, we had a super blue moon. The event is so rare, another one will not occur until 2037. According to NASA, when the moon is at or near its closest point to earth at the same time as it is full, it is called a “supermoon.” If it is the second full moon in a single month, it’s called a blue moon. Put them together for the super blue moon.

Apparently the omen portends a time of transformation and spiritual growth. The moonlight (I basked in its glory) beckons us to leave the past behind and change. Time to set intentions, be introspective, and grow.

Hmm. This sounds great. I’m all in…. But then the double egg yolks showed up.


Double egg yolks happen about once in a thousand eggs. (Who knew?) And to get two of them so close together…. Creepy. These are my first ones.

So, what could this occurrence symbolize?  It depends. Chinese Folklore holds that it’s a sign of good luck and fortune. After all, gold is the color of riches. In Christianity, they point to life and rebirth, a prediction that your life is about to change. Others say it means the ability to see things from a different perspective, clarity to issues is near.

So far so good. My life is going to be rich and is about to change? What if it doesn’t change for the better? What if some bad change happens?

Even scarier, it could mean that births are coming. Two egg yolks? Twins? Yikes. My ability to reproduce is long gone so who would bring life into the family? Uh-oh…teenage grandsons…. No, I’m not going there.

My research should have ended here. Its bad enough, but the discovery that Norsemen believed that the double yolks were a sign that death in the family is imminent has me rattled. Now, at my age, this scenario is more likely. After all, I’m in that certain age group.


As Scarlett says, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Join me in choosing to believe the positives. We’ve got nothing to lose.


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