Rapture by Revenge: Warriors for Equal Rights

Rapture by Revenge:  Warriors for Equal Rights

Final book in the Warriors for Equal Rights trilogy!

Rapture By Revenge: Warriors for Equal Rights is the 2023 Gold Winner for Contemporary Realistic Fiction Human Relations Indie Book.

Praise for Rapture By Revenge:

"With a ripped from the headlines quality, Watt's offers an insider's peek into a complicated and controversial quest to right past wrongs in workplace conditions, as well as prevent new blocks to equality. Her characters are complex and never stereotyped and show readers the complexity and "ordinariness" of the problems. Because working for equality on all levels has never been a straight uphill climb, the characters themselves are buffeted about by the politics of the moment. I just became aware of the previous books in the series, but this book is a standalone, and the characters will hook you from page one.  Highly recommended for readers interested in contemporary novels about contemporary struggles."

Virginia McCullough, author of Amber Light

All Alice wants is to make it to retirement.  Her boss has other ideas.

As Alice’s team celebrates significant victories in bringing workplace discriminators to justice, their federal investigative unit is served a one-two punch.  The head of the agency, angry that Alice plunged the EEOC into a brutal House subcommittee hearing, suspends her indefinitely without pay and closes the office, sending the staff to the four winds.

Alice begins a self-spiral of regret and recriminations: her reputation in tatters—her self-esteem at an all-time low.  Paralyzed, she watches as her coworkers struggle to pull themselves out of the pit of Alice’s making and forge a path to redemption and self-fulfillment.

Will Alice manage to exact the revenge she needs to begin to live again?

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Series: Warriors For Equal Rights, Book 3
Genres: Female detectives, Mystery, Women's fiction
ISBN: 9780578339139
"With a cast of compelling and colorful characters readers won't soon forget, Watts takes on the unsung heroes--with all their personal challenges, strengths, and flaws--of an ongoing struggle in a long quest for equality." Virginia McCullough, author of Amber Light
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