Hopefully you have now mastered Part I of improving your creativity.  I’ll forge ahead with a big lesson, steps 5 through 9 from Human Relations 4th Ed. By Dalton, Hoyle, and Watts.

5. Avoid rigid patterns of doing things. Change your rhythms.  Draw your problems instead of writing them down.  Change your scene or environment by taking a trip or walking.  Try a different route to work occasionally.

6. Observe similarities, differences, and unique features in things, whether they are situations, processes, or ideas.

7. Engage in an activity in which you are not an expert and that puts you outside your comfort zone.

8. Engage in hobbies, especially those involving your hands. Keep your brain trim by playing games and doing puzzles and exercises.

9. Take the other side occasionally in order to challenge and scrutinize your own beliefs.

10. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, I decided to take up an activity outside of my comfort zone that involved my hands.  I engaged in pig hunting!

I live in the country and the dastardly swine have torn my land to shreds.  I looked at our deer cam, horrified to see the feral hordes swooping down nightly, devouring corn meant for the deer.


For those of you who might be feeling sorry for the piggies right now, please Google feral hogs and find out what damage they are doing to farmland.  The damage is so extreme that my county holds an annual feral hog killing contest, complete with prizes.

First, I had to get a gun that can stop a feral hog in its tracks.  Not just any gun will do for these wily, smart creatures.  I ended up with an SU-16 recommended to me by the clerk in the gun store who uses it to hunt hogs.

Now, this did put me on the “other” side and “challenged my own beliefs”.  This gun is very similar to an AR-15/AK-47 but not military grade.  It has a 10 bullet clip (but can accommodate a larger one), is semi-automatic, and shoots the same bullets.

Until now I had never seen the need for the large clips and the semi-automatic rifles.  I will concede feral hog hunting is an area where they are needed.  (I’m sure my gun-owning friends are loving this right now.)

Determined to put an end to their rampages, I monitored the deer cam to find out just when they would show up and slipped into my pig blind about an hour before their anticipated arrival…and nothing happened.  They didn’t show.  They are smart devils.mariehuntercreativity

But, I am a determined person.  They haven’t seen the last of me.

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