Hopefully you have now mastered Part 2 of improving your creativity.  I will now explore the last suggestions from Human Relations 4th Ed. By Dalton, Hoyle, and Watts.

10. Have a sense of humor and learn to laugh easily. Humor helps put you and your problems into perspective and relieves tension, allowing you to be more creative.

11.  Adopt a risk-taking attitude. Nothing is more fatal to creativity than fear of failure or resistance to change.

12.  Think positive! Believe that a solution is possible and that you will find it.

13.  Turn your ideas into action; follow through.  Use positive reinforcement with yourself and reward yourself as a payoff for completing a project.

martinicreativityOK, this one is easy.  I can do positive reinforcement, one of my favorite tools.  I just love it when it is time to reward myself!