We all have biases no matter how hard we try to be objective.  Our points of view evolve from our life experiences as well as lifelong learning.  So, when evaluating the “talking heads” or experts many radio and television shows present to expound on or argue points of view, ask yourself the following:

  • Where does this person work? Conservative or liberal think tank? Conservative or liberal news organization?  Government?  University? Association representing industry or agriculture or another group?
  • What is his/her background (education, life experiences)?
  • Is there a possible financial motive underlying his/her position?
  • If the discussion is referring to statements by others, when were they written or said? After all, people can change their viewpoints over time as cultural norms change.

Listen to their points carefully.  Remember that the human brain has a bias towards certainly and we tend to dismiss information that does not fit into our way of seeing things.  Do further research on the topic.

Listen to stations/channels that do not fit your point of view.  If you are liberal, tune into a conservative show and vice versa.  Compare the two points of view.

Only then can you appropriately process what pours forth from the talking heads!




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