Ladies, thought you were safe from men hitting on you if you stayed out of the bars?  Think again.

I have now had five men hit on me through Facebook.  At my age, I guess I should be flattered, but I found myself more flustered than anything.  My personal Facebook account is by invitation only, and the first time a man I did not know asked to be my friend, I said “yes.”  Boy, did I get a shock; telling me how sexy I was, etc.  You know, the come-on routines.

Couldn’t find his first message to share with you, but here’s the second one.  Needless to say, I deleted him as a friend as quickly as my little fingers could fly over the keyboard.  I’m now better at spotting these guys.

Apparently, practice is widespread.  The website, even gives suggestions on how to approach a woman on Facebook:

  • You always have to start by actively making the woman feel attracted to you.
  • When a woman looks at a guy’s profile, she will either feel turned off by who he seems to be as a person or she will feel attracted to it. His profile with either trigger her feelings of attraction or it won’t.
  • If it doesn’t, she won’t be interested in getting to know him. She might keep him on as a friend so she can get some extra likes on her photos or status updates, but she won’t have any sexual or romantic interest in him because who he seems to be isn’t making her feel attracted.
  • When you message a random woman on Facebook or add her as a friend, she will quickly have a look over your main page and photos to see what kind of guy you are.

Some women are bothered.  This activity so prevalent that a Facebook community help forum was devoted to avoiding the behavior.

Other women, however, have taken matters into their own hands.  See how Phaylen Fairchild has handled the situation at

Who knew?

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