“Sweatworking”, networking while working out, is in; golf and happy hour are out.   Apparently, golf doesn’t burn enough calories and takes too long while happy hour makes you fat and susceptible to saying things you shouldn’t.  This latest craze is even pushing out lunch dates as a way to connect.  Gyms and workout studios across the country are getting in on this fad, organizing formal sweatworking events. 

Gurus of this hot fad are weighing in on everything from what activities are appropriate for sweatworking (something you can do without thinking too hard) to what you should wear (no-no’s are women baring midriffs and bare-chested men).  Some warn that being hypercompetitive could be a turn-off if you are trying to develop a relationship with others.

But it got me to thinking about the good ole boy system and networking sessions held in men-only clubs or on the golf course.  Traditionally, females have chaffed at being shut out of these informal pathways to power.

So why doesn’t it bother us when we shut out the disabled or those too old to live through a spin class?

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