I’ve been in a deep COVID funk lately. How about you? Apparently, I’m not the only one. Even Michelle Obama is depressed. A tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that a majority of Americans believe the pandemic is taking a toll on their mental health.

 As I struggled this week, I thought about all the wars, natural disasters (Hurricanes Harvey and Carla), and national tragedies (JFK assassination, 911) I’ve lived through.  But COVID is something else.

 Please understand, the hurricanes were spooky. We emerged from Hurricane Carla only to find the neighborhood next to ours wiped off the face of the earth. The National Guard patrolled. We brought home clothes from victims to wash and return. Schools were closed. But the storm itself was over in a matter of days, and a sense of normalcy for our family returned in weeks. Yes, the effects of the tragedy lingered, but the situation improved day by day.

 But COVID is an entirely different animal. This virus changes my daily interactions with the world. What I find extremely depressing is the thought that we are on the front end of this beast’s death and destruction.  And I have no control over anything.

 So, I decided to take matters into my own hands today and fight an enemy I can deal a death blow to—mesquite! Early this morning, I hopped into the farm truck, rolled the windows down (because the AC doesn’t work too well), and went to buy diesel to mix with poison to kill the nasty invasive plant.

 As I was barreling down the highway with 25 gallons of fuel in the bed, George Harrison’s song Give Me Love came on. I sang along:

 Give me love

Give me love

Give me peace on earth

Give me light

Give me life

Keep me free from birth

Give me hope

Help me cope, with this heavy load


My spirits lifted as I prepared to do battle. Unfortunately, after an hour, I was unable to get my sprayer to prime. The heat forced me to postpone my attack. Still, I have hope. I know the mesquite’s days are numbered.  

 I’ve got to keep the hope alive that COVID’s are, too. 

 Hmm. So, while I’m waiting for the vaccine, what’s next after I conquer the mesquite? The scum in my pond? Or, maybe I should clean my closet.


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