I’ve had nightmares before.  Usually, it involves not finishing a college degree, dreaming of a math test, or unable to find my classroom on a college campus.  I remember as a small child unsuccessfully trying to raise the kickstand of my bicycle to get away from a snake.  A night terror, however, is new to me.

In night terrors, you act out the dream.  My hallucination involved a man pushing his finger on the bottom left of my left boob.  (Don’t ask where that came from.  I have no idea.)  After telling him to stop and attempting to escape were ineffective, I decided to take action and kick him away.  A mighty swing hurled me out of bed, spinning my body 270 degrees in the air.  My head hit the nightstand before I crumbled to the floor.  Stunned and disoriented, I sat in a heap, trying to figure out what had happened.

My husband claims he asked if I were OK, but the thing I remember is his complaint that the blanket had been stripped from the bed.  The experience left me with a badly bruised head, shoulder, and leg.

Apparently, 2.2% of adults have night terrors.  Sleep.org advises:  Make your sleep environment safer by locking up or removing any weapons or dangerous objects from the home. Put bedside lamps out of reach and keep bedside water in a plastic cup or bottle. Childproof locks or an alarm system can also help keep you safe.

OMG!  You’ve got to be kidding.  Maybe it would be easier to strap me in at night… Just another day in paradise.

Have you had night terrors before?

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