I saw a piece on television about a gentleman who had recently passed away at the age of one hundred eight. Until shortly before his death, he had worked as a barber for ninety-six years. Eight hours a day, five days a week. Clip…Clip…Clip…

This feat totally amazed me. There is absolutely no way I could continue to do the same thing day in and day out, year after year.

Long ago, I admitted to myself that I have a real problem when it comes to routines. I’m fine until I have mastered the work task, and then I become bored.

Apparently, there are others in the same boat.  In an article on Forbes.com, Neil Kane expressed that he was not happy unless he was learning new skills, having new experiences, and living on the outer fringe of his competency.

Unfortunately, only upon achieving mastery, are you able to earn big money. I guess that’s why I’m not writing to you from a suite of rooms on an around-the-world cruise. Sometimes I wonder what my financial situation would have been like if I had persevered in those well-paying–but down-right boring–jobs.

So, what does this restlessness portend for my future?

Will I be like the bored ninety-six-year old who mortgaged his house and opened a bakery specializing in booze-infused cupcakes? Incidentally, his shop has been so successful that he’s expanding into home-made ice cream.

Hmm. Maybe opening a winery specializing in mustang grape wine and dewberry cordial from products harvested from the ranch will satisfy my boredom.  It’s a hobby now, but…

Frankly, I pity my children, who will be responsible for corralling me in my old age.

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