Welcome to Only A Pawn, the second in the Warriors for Equal Rights trilogy, debuting Friday! 

The novel opens with trouble:

“Just get rid of it.” Hank shoved an envelope at Espy. “Now.”

“But you—”

“Just do what I say.” Hank stood and threw a hundred-dollar bill at the check. “Call me when it’s gone.”

Espy choked back tears, staring at him as he threaded his way through the crowded dining room. That bastard. All his big talk about the sanctity of life. What a bunch of crap. Touching her stomach lightly, she felt a wave of relief that it was still trim.

 And Alice just can’t catch a break:

“Oh my God. Gunfire.” Alice watched in horror as the swat team leader yelled, “Go, go, go,” and the heavily armed police vanished into the building. Tense moments ensued. Radios crackled. A call went out that the scene was secure but paramedics were needed.

 Most importantly, love is in the air:

“…let’s move in together. You don’t have to give me an answer now, but I’ve been thinking about it hard and long. You’ve put a spark back in my life, and I’d like to move our relationship to the next level.”

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

 I invite you to join my Facebook Live Book Launch Party.

Friday, September 28, 2020

7 to 8 p.m.


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