Earlier this year a bought a Galaxy, and I love it.  However, I have become annoyed with its “tools for betterment.”  What’s that, you ask?  It’s the personal trainer who has become a tyrant.  The watch can track over thirty-nine types of exercise activities and is designed to “let you focus on more exercise with less planning.”  It also tracks your heart rate, calorie intake and output, sleep, caffeine intake, and stress levels.


I’ve already rebelled by refusing to enter my calorie intake, although I know I should.  The only real way to lose weight is to track your calories and stick to a maximum daily intake designed to shed those unsightly pounds.  Do I feel guilty?  Yes, but not enough to start recording the data.  The truth is I can’t bear to enter the massive total for a martini after a stressful day and not recording it helps me forget it happened.

 When I am deep into writing projects, I get a beep, and then this irritating screen lights up saying I’ve been inactive and asking if it is time for a torso twist.  Now, of course, when I learn that I have been sitting in my chair for one and a half hours without physical exercise, I feel remorseful.  (Yes, the watch actually tells me how long it has been since I got up and moved!)  Sometimes I do the twist, and other times I get huffy and ignore it.

 Imagine my thrill the other day when I got into my John Deere Gator and toured the ranch, looking for mustang grapes.  The ground was rough, and I went over some tree branches.  Then the dictator started dinging.  No torso twists warning!  I was being rewarded for riding my bicycle!  I felt like I’d gotten away with a crime, getting credit for exercise when I was sitting on my duff.

 So, why don’t I disable the reminders?  Good question.  Maybe I’m hoping someday that I will actually follow the personal trainer’s advice and return to my svelte body of my teens.  


 Gotta go.  Need to take the clothes that I’ve outgrown to Goodwill and ditch the torso twist.   

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