Curious about my ancestors and not my predisposition to illnesses, I had my saliva tested by 23AndMe a number of years ago.   Imagine my surprise when the company recently shared thirty-four traits gleaned from my DNA.

To think that they are able describe me from a globule of spit is a bit unnerving.  Here are some of the highlights:


      Genetic Predisposition                                                      Marie

 For green or blue eyes

 52% of my genetic group has blue eyes and 17% green eyes

      Green eyes

 For detached earlobes

72% of my genetic group have detached earlobes

       Detached earlobes

 For longer ring finger than index

66% of my genetic group has a longer ring finger

 Ring finger longer than index

 For wet ear wax

93% of my genetic group wet ear wax

    Wet ear wax

 Chocolate ice cream over vanilla 

66% of my genetic group prefers chocolate

 Aha!  Here I thought I’d tripped them up.  I much prefer vanilla ice cream but, if given a choice, I want it with chocolate syrup.


About the asparagus…. Apparently, your urine smells differently after eating it, and 66% of those with my genetic type can smell the difference.

Hmmm.  I’ve never noticed.  Do you want to know when I find out, or is that too much information?


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