I’ve lived in the country for fifteen years. And, yes, spiders are always with us. However, this year they have invaded my space! I can’t walk in my yard or to my car without running into several tightly woven webs. I even drove to town the other day only to open the door and have a spider fall out. Hadn’t brushed all of the web out of my hair.

Why is this happening? Apparently, climate change! The cold makes them sluggish and clumsy whereas warm weather makes spiders nimble and better able to grab prey who have become tangled in their traps. Hot, humid weather with its extra mosquitoes and bugs are just what spiders love because they eat well. Longer periods of warm weather give the spiders more time to reproduce and that leaves us with more and more spiders. I even read where the spiders will get bigger….

I’m just thankful cold weather is around the corner.

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