Many times, when we have a problem, we latch onto the first solution we uncover.  I found myself in that situation recently when icy weather hit.  I had gone up the steps of my office, which are Austin limestone, with no problem but later, when I was ready to leave, I realized they were covered in a thick sheet of ice.

Panicked, I looked for a solution as I was not about to risk falling.  After a quick search on the internet, I realized the solution was right in front of me—ash from my wood stove.  Relieved, I generously heaped on the dust, covering not only the steps, but the porch as well.  And yes, I descended safely.

Later, I realized I hadn’t thought the problem through.   I got out safely, but I also left a monstrous mess on the steps; ash which wouldn’t sweep off the porch.

For every solution we discover, we need to think one step further and explore the consequences.

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