Part of the American dream is working hard, saving money, and doing what you want in your golden years. Lately, angst settled over me as I realized I hadn’t really started working on my bucket list in earnest.


The fact that my husband had polio as a child and now has post-polio syndrome made me realize that time is of the essence. He is slowly losing strength, and exercise won’t bring it back. He can either stay home until he can’t go places or he can go places until his body refuses to move. And, while I frequently travel with friends, when he is unable to care for himself, my travel will be limited.

Energized, I became a woman on a mission. After a heated discussion, he bought into my plan to get an RV. I’ve always been an outdoor person, so the idea of picking up for several days and visiting areas of the country I’d never seen was appealing. Our goal is to spend the summer of 2020 on the road to Alaska.

The concern, of course, was whether we will have enough money to last through the end of our lives or whether, by jumping off the deep end, we will throw ourselves into future poverty. I guess you never know, but I am choosing to move forward and live for today.

 I just hope I haven’t waited too long.

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