evil eye charmMy daughter bought me a coat at a garage sale that had an evil eye charm pinned near a buttonhole.  At first, I just assumed it was there to help the wearer quickly recognize his/her coat. I had no idea about evil eye charms until I started looking on the internet for similar ones. 


The evil eye is a curse that is said to be cast by a malicious glare towards someone who does not know it is happening.  The evil eye was first recorded by the Mesopotamians about five thousand years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets.  This figure is found in Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures.

 Three types of evil eyes are acknowledged:

  • Unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to. For instance, you may roll your eyes at something someone says, sending negative energy to that person without intending to.
  • Intentional evil eyes. Harm is on purpose.  For instance, a driver may infuriate you and you flip them the bird. 
  • Unseen evil eyes. This type falls into the realm of curses that continue through generations such as family or business ruin, severe illness, or death.  Sometimes people live with this curse because taking it off can trigger booby traps.  Often these snares are worse than the curse itself.

Many accept the idea that if you are given the evil eye, you will have bad luck, hardship, or get hurt.  And, to protect themselves, they wear a charm.  Ironically, the charms are called “evil eyes”.  This allows you to reflect the evil back to the onlooker.


Color of the evil eye charm is important.  Blue is the traditional color for good vibes, positive energy, and evil eye protection.  Light blue, the color of the sky, stands for truth and provides direct protection.  Other colors are:

  • black for power 
  • red for courage and protection
  • green as happiness 
  • white for wealth 
  • Turquoise for health
  • Coral of Orange for protection
  • Pink for love
  • Light green for success
  • Purple for intelligence


The evil eye can be found on just about everything: bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, key chains, shower curtains, shirts, rings, dishes, bowls, pottery, wallpaper, purses, etc.  Yet, I’ve been clueless about this whole thing.

 Meanwhile, back to the coat.  It’s a massively fleece-lined leather jacket that I can only wear during snowmageddon, making it perfect for working outdoors on the farm.  It’s always good to be prepared. 

 However, questions abound for the owner.  Who in Houston would own such a coat?  Did you move from somewhere cold?  Where was it worn?  (It’s been used frequently leading me to send it to the cleaners.)    Why didn’t you save it for another Texas deep freeze? Why the evil eye charm?  Did it work?  Why was it pinned near the buttonhole?

 And, the most important question—Why was I so clueless about this whole evil eye charm thing?

 Some things in life will remain a mystery.     


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