This morning I opened an email blackmailing me.  After a long explanation of how my computer was hacked, the villain got down to business:

 For months now, I have been spying on you through your device camera..especially when you visited those sites to have fun…

Those videos show clearly you having fun and the content for adults you were watching.. this is pretty nasty and I would be very worried if I were you.

 I have secured 2 videos:  a.mp4 (119.1 MB)

mariewatts.com_b.mp4 (64.5 MB)

 You can verify that the timestamps correspond to the moments you Were enjoying yourself…

 Now, because I do not like at all what I saw (that you know is pretty crazy and ugly) I have been wondering how we can keep this matter under the wraps.

 Is 2500 US dollars in Bitcoin a fair price to ask? (considering your perversions).

 Is up to you to decide, so i will give that chance to conclude if you want me to forget about the whole case, remove the files and disable the nasty app that is spying on you.

 I am waiting to hear your opinion within 72 hours. Yes, I give you 72 hours only to respond by Contacting me on this email address: (tomunlimited02(AT)

 If you fail to respond within 72 hours, I promise you – I will sell it to a blogger or send those files with you enjoying yourself to all your contact lists, associates and social network friends.

 With access to your device, I will know when you read this message. When you open it the time will start ticking. You have 72 hours only!

 I am from Russia and nobody will help you if you report this email.. Before they find me your life will be ruined! If you do not cooperate with me – I will release this ugly material immediately.

 This is why I advise you to write so that we can deliberate and forget about the whole situation between us. 2500 USD in bitcoin is not big ask and i know you can afford it.

 Do not be angry with me. This is just my job, and you are not the only person I caught.

 Be angry at your fantasies – if you didn’t visit those sites for adults you would have no problem..

 Remember, time is ticking..

 Fortunately, I haven’t watched any internet porn, but I can imagine someone who does would be panicked by the threat.  The first instinct would be to click on the links to the movies, and then the jerks could really infect your computer.  (BTW:  The links have been disguised to protect those of you who are tempted to see what I look like as I watch porn).     

Talk about failure to target market!  1)I don’t do porn. 2) I don’t have a camera on my main computer because I use a desktop. 3) I’m to pay in bitcoin?  I have no idea how that works and couldn’t make the payment if my life depended on it.  Really, how do they expect to get any money from me? 

Hmm.  Let me know if you do get a video of me.”>Background vector created by freepik –

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