lotto ticketsI’m lotto fever dreaming these days. While not a regular player, the large jackpots for Powerball and MegaMillions have been calling my name. Taking home 400 million dollars after taxes opens a myriad of possibilities for me.  Although somewhere deep inside, I realize I’ll never win, there’s always a chance and, for ten to fifteen dollars, I can have exquisite daydreams.

 Where to start! Of course, hiring an attorney to form a corporation is the first step. Shielding me from anyone who has suddenly come out of the woodwork claiming to be my best friend is a must. Then, funds would be invested to earn even more money. 

 Much of the fortune would be devoted to a charitable arm supporting my passions. My first gift would go to the Historic Faison House in La Grange, Texas. This house, once owned by a freedwoman in 1870, is dear to me. I have poured my efforts into it for years. I would buy the entire block the house sits on since it was part of the original estate.  The existing structures would be developed as places for writers and historians to gather, brainstorm, and research.  Of course, I’d have my own office in the complex.

 What would I do for myself? Oh, the places I’d go! An around the world trip on a private plane with my friends and family is a top priority. What could be better? India, China, and Japan are only a few of the countries on my hit list.

 And the immediate kin? Of course, I would take care of them. But, a warning to my grandsons—you won’t inherit lots of money until you are fifty. Learning to make your own way in the world is crucial. Sorry, guys.

 What would you do with a windfall? Let me know.

 NOTE: If you are now my best friend, you will have to apply for assistance.    


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