Body Transformation BlockerIn January 2021, I blogged about my body transformation journey, updating my progress in April.  I am proud to announce the end of the road.  Actually, I’ve been hovering at the doorstep for several weeks now, too afraid to declare victory.

The reason is body weight bounces on a daily basis.  In September, I registered seven ounces to lose.  (My optimal mass is based on my physician’s recommendation.)  Then I went to visit my brother in Colorado and a writers’ retreat in Albuquerque, NM.  And, as you can imagine, upon my return nearly two weeks later, my aggressive bathroom scale was not happy with me.  Thankfully, I’ve chopped off the two extra pounds joyfully acquired in beer, wine, and cheesecake.

This past week registered four ounces to lose.  While in this perpetual yo-yo state, I realized I would most likely never hit the number on the mark.  Amazingly, on November 1, 2021, I managed to log one ounce below my goal!  (Frankly, I’m still in shock.)

Developing new habits and staying in line with consuming a net twelve hundred calories a day has not been easy, but the Noom platform helped tremendously.  Although I stopped the paid part of the program in June, I still use the app and weigh daily to remain focused.

The beauty is that I no longer need to write down everything that passes through my lips and have learned to listen to my body regarding hunger and feeling satisfied.  I still fill my gallon jug with water and most days manage to polish it off.  Turns out eating when I’m really thirsty or bored as well as failing to stop consumption when full are my biggest issues. 

Now, the hard part begins—keeping myself from wandering back up the road.  As you read this, I’ll be in Boston with my brother, stuffing my face with clam chowder, lobster rolls, cannoli, Boston cream pie, and, of course beer.


Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on


Sweets photo by Sangria Señorial on Unsplash


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